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Robin Maxwell

Robin Maxwell

"I may look like your grandmother...

but I am The Destroyer of Worlds!"

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Historian, Los Angeles Times and Amazon #1 bestselling novelist, screenwriter, podcaster and Huffington Post blogger Robin Maxwell has been obsessed with aliens since her first encounter with a UFO in New Jersey at the age of two. Since then, her passion for extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional lifeforms has expanded exponentially to include Atlantis and antediluvian civilizations throughout the world, genetic intervention with our species, and “Planet X.”

Having veered back to earth to make a name for herself within the historical fiction genre, Robin has won multiple awards with her nine critically acclaimed, best-selling books and audiobooks. Her debut novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, is now in its 26th printing. Called ‘one of the Queens of Historical Fiction,' Maxwell’s titles include  The Wild IrishThe Queen’s BastardSignora Da Vinci, and Mademoiselle Boleyn.  Her books have been translated into 16 languages.  They're on sale at the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.  She's been a panelist three times at the Los Angeles Times  Festival of Books. 


Published in 2012's "Tarzan Centennial Year," JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan, received the enthusiastic endorsement of the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Dr. Jane Goodall. Maxwell, the only female in 100 years to be invited to write a Tarzan classic, spoke on a panel — "The Naked Truth About Tarzan and Jane"  — at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. With rave reviews across the board, JANE  has been a clue on "Jeopardy" not once but twice in the last several years. 

Returning to her original and abiding obsession for science fiction, Robin spent more than 10 years researching and writing non-stop to finished the 5-novel GODS OF EARLY ERTHE Saga, set on Erthe and Mars 12,000 years in the past. Her inspiration, main historical source and "story partner" is the Greek philosopher Plato. Two of his most famous dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, form the foundation for her expansive re-imagining of our culture's most beloved yet misunderstood story. Introduced by fellow Plato apologist Graham Hancock, she lectured at the 2016 “Contact in the Desert Convention” on the subject of First Contact and Lost Civilizations.


With the publication of Gods of Early Erthe, she has managed to create an all new genre - "prehistorical-science fiction." But at its core the epic is as much THE PLANET'S FIRST LOVE STORY as THE CLASH OF TECHNOLOGY versus THE NATURAL WORLD..

Read more of Robin's thoughts about the significance of the Saga in today's world on this website's "MANIFESTO" page.

She currently lives with her husband, yogi Max Thomas at their private retreat and wildlife sanctuary near Joshua Tree, CA.

Joshua Tree, California
Max and Robin

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