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Gods of Atlantos - Poseidon in Love

He quickly realizes that he’s traveled 940 million miles across the solar system only to fall in love with a planet…and its exceptionally advanced native daughter, Cleatah of the Shore People — a shaman of the Red Mushroom Cult.

Poseidon in Love - Book I


On primeval sister-planets, two magnificent civilizations hurtle towards their cataclysmic destinies. Poseidon and Athens Ra are the rival brothers that govern them. They possess advanced technology and all-too-human passions.


Poseidon Ra is the level-headed explorer and scientist from the tenth planet in our solar system, Terres,  a cold and desolate world dying from its 10,000 year orbit around the sun. He commands an expedition to sister-planet Erthe, where a routine genetic protocol on the indigenous population has unexpectedly triggered a staggering leap in human evolution.

Cleatah of the Shore People
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Athens Ra
Sensualist and badboy Athens Ra has been tasked with governing the mining colony of Mars — a life-sustaining mission crucial to the survival of the home world. The drilling spawns riches beyond imagining, and enemies that are the stuff of nightmares.

One brother founds a magnificent civilization and discovers a love that will change the course of history. The other will spend his life besieged by interdimensional monsters, madness and death.


The Books of


Gods of Atlantos 2 - Seed of the Gods

Seed of the Gods - Book II




The thirteen descendants of Horus, Ra, and the Atlan Shore People are not really gods at all. 12,000 years ago on Erthe and Mars, Isis, Atlas, Athena, their siblings and cousins — the “Prime Family” — are living the most human of lives. Like all children they are at odds with their celebrated parents, struggling to find their way in the utopian paradise of Atlantos City, and the quickly disintegrating Marsean Mining Colony. 

Whether lovers of Terresian “technos” or the Great Mother Goddess, they are a tight-knit family and intimately connected with each other while they’re young. Each of the ten twin sons of Cleatah and Poseidon on Erthe find their passions early: a techno-geek, a cartographer, an architect, a sailor.

Poseidon’s only daughter with his Terresian ex-lover, Talya Horus, is devoted to horses first, last and always. Giza, Talya’s only son with the virile Erthan Shoreman, Boah, is a brilliant student, while Athens’s only child, Athena — a technologically and sexually precocious girl growing up in the Marsean Colony — starts early as a playwright and impresario.


The one thing they share is their rightful place as luminaries of the first advanced civilization on our planet.

Gods of Atlantos 3 - Chronicles of Giza

Chronicles of Giza - Book III



The glorious rise of Poseidon’s Atlan civilization on Erthe could not be more of a slap in the face to his jealous brother Athens, as his Marsean colony has — for the last forty years — been ravaged by hideous amphibious monsters and mind-invading inter-dimensional aliens.


Another punishment is awaiting Athens, one that will send the gold and technologically obsessed colonists fleeing for their lives, seeking refuge on the still pristine and primitive planet that is his hated brother’s domain.


Awaiting the battle-scarred Marseans are their Erthan “cousins” — the now adult, half-blood, and therefore youthful-appearing children. It is a dynasty of extraordinary talent, passion and ambition. In some there is betrayal lurking, with a hunger for progress at all costs…Cleatah’s Great Mother and her “natural order of things” be damned.


The resulting culture clash will rip the family asunder and change the world forever.

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Gods of Atlantos - New Gods
New Gods - Book IV



The hunt for titanium ore to keep the now Erthe-bound Athene civilization living in the luxury to which it had become accustomed turns brother against brother, and the love affairs within this incestuous dynasty towards deviousness and violence.

In his growing hatred for Poseidon and Cleatah, Athens seduces the innately kind, peace-loving and benevolent population of Atlantos City with gold and technological toys, turning them into a greedy, arrogant lot with an appetite for sexual depravity and weird science.

Worst of all, the rape of the natural world has begun in earnest, and those who are fighting to protect the planet have little power to stop the destruction.

Gods of Atlantos - God Of Destruction

God of Destruction - Book V




Athens has been slowly going insane. When he starts to believe that the monsters of Mars have followed him to Erthe, his pathological fear and virulent hatred of Poseidon and Cleatah grow murderous, and he turns his ramped-up technos into terrifying weaponry, indiscriminately aiming its full force towards the planet itself.

The original astronauts from the home planet Terres,  their children and grandchildren must find a way to survive the coming  catastrophe.


But no one and nothing will be safe from Athens's fury.

Image by Jeremy Perkins

 Poseidon in Love - Audiobook

Available July 8th

Gods of Atlantos - Poseidon in Love

Narrated by British stage and screen actress and AudioFileMagazine   "Earphones" Winner  Suzan Crowley

Suzan Crowley

Sound Editing by Emmy and Peabody Award Winner David S. Miller

David S. Miller

Special Thanks to Deyan Audio

"Poseidon" "Cleatah" "Athens"  and "Giza" Oil on Canvas

by Tom Ellis

Book Cover Design by Elissa O'Brien

Book II

Book III

Book IV

Book V

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